Friday, September 25, 2015

Cool Tiling Background

Working with Paint Shop Pro has always been a favourite creative outlet of mine, because when you play around with the software you don't always know what creation you are going to end up with. Sometimes just changing one little setting can completely transform your image and I have often discovered very interesting effects this way.

Today's picture is one such creation. I wanted to create a Christmas background for a project I was working on at the time offering free web set graphics. Unfortunately web sets went out of fashion before I ever completed this project but I still really like this background as it gives a sort of optical illusion, where the lines that make up the squares start to look kind of slanted. Feel free to download this image and set it as a tiled desktop background tiled. I find it a cool effect anyway.

It is so much fun to create these repeating backgrounds and I am itching to play around with PSP again. If you need/want a background to co-ordinate with your website or as a fun desktop background I will gladly make you something. Simply leave me a message here and I will get right back!

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