Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Make your very own picture plate

More than 10 years ago when Jasc owned Paint Shop Pro it was really popular software with creative minded people who wanted to create their own graphics. It lost a lot of its popularity when Corel bought the rights, possibly because of its less user-friendly layout. I do remember it took me quite sometime to get used to the new look and functionality which became closer to that of Photoshop.

With its loss of popularity I saw more and more PSP tutorial websites closing down and with it disappeared some serious talent. Those were sad days. And to top it all I hadn't even got my tutorial website off the ground! I had made several tutorials but then never did anything with them as I thought no one would be interested anymore.

These days a Google search for 'Paint Shop Pro tutorials' brings back those largely focused on photo editing. You will probably have more success doing a search on Pinterest and in fact I have a board devoted entirely to beautiful PSP related goodies (tutorials, tubes, shapes, etc). You can find it here: Paint Shop Pro Inspiration.

I do miss the really amazing ideas people used to come up with to make very unique graphics. These were not so much collages of other images but instead images created from scratch. I remember one theme you often used to see were tutorials for turning a picture you loved into a plate. Using a certain filter you could give the illusion of ceramic. I even created a few tutorials myself, varying the instructions to give different results. And here is what I made back then:

I am pretty sure I have the tutorials for these somewhere. If not then it shouldn't be too difficult for me to recreate them, so if you are interested in making any of these plates with your favourite picture then just let me know and I will add it as a tutorial on this website. I plan to have a separate section for Paint Shop Pro tutorials if there is enough interest anyway.

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