Friday, September 11, 2015

Pixelated Butterfly

I must be unique in the world because I am scared of butterflies, particularly when they are fluttering towards my face. I dislike insects in general and to me they are just another insect in a pretty coat. However, at the same time I can and do appreciate their beauty and diversity.

So there was a craze a few years ago when people were making all kinds of pixelated images, and I decided it would be fun to create a series of pixel butterflies in Paint Shop Pro. As is so typical of me, I gave up after making just one, questioning myself why I was even bothering. If I knew I was going to upload them to a blog one day, maybe that might have given me the motivation to carry on. Nowadays I just try and push all doubt out of my mind and do things regardless. What are we all on this earth for anyway?

So here it is:

I pixelated everything except the brown of the wings, where I used a gradient fill. I find it a lot of fun pixelating images, though I would like to be given a project to do rather than doing it purely for my own pleasure. If you or anyone you know needs/wants such a project to be completed, then drop me a line, I would only be too happy to help.

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