Monday, September 14, 2015

Useful technique in Paint Shop Pro

I love creating Paint Shop Pro tutorials using a mixture of different techniques I have picked up by following other people's tutorials.

One of the first tutorials I ever tried more than ten years ago still sticks in my mind today because I was so amazed at the effect you could achieve. It was a tutorial demonstrating how you could create the effect of carved wood. I am almost certain I still have a copy of that tutorial sitting somewhere on my computer. In fact I nearly always save good tutorials on my computer so I can still follow them long after the website ceases to exist. But I digress.

So anyway, being inspired by this useful and and very effective technique, I started playing around with some of the settings to get different effects. Almost by accident, as so often happens when you play around in Paint Shop Pro, I created the look of carved out soapstone - at least that is how it looked to me.

Having made the design for the carved out effect using a special heart-shaped font it just seemed logical to me to then turn it into a cute heart-shaped trinket box. With a little jiggery-pokery this is what I came up with:

Often when I used to make things in PSP I would write a tutorial so I wouldn't forget how to recreate it, and this was no exception, but like the others I never actually put it online. However if I was to consider uploading the tutorial I would change a number of things such as the colour, the texture of the soapstone (which it lacks) and the angle of view so you would see it more from the side.

What do you think, would this make an interesting tutorial? Could you put that carved out effect to a better use? Let me know what you would find useful and I can make a tutorial by request.

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