Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My challenge in Paint Shop Pro

I really enjoy creating graphics in Paint Shop Pro and will often challenge myself to recreate from scratch something from another image or photo.

Several years ago I made an image in Paint Shop Pro of the Philips television we used to have at the time. My husband was busy making the content for our family website at that time and came up with the idea it might look cool to have a TV and have the content of the website appear in the TV screen.

He also suggested I make a remote control so that different 'channels' could be chosen by pressing the buttons on the remote. Each button would access a different part of the website, however not all buttons had content so for those without content I wanted to make a tv test card. I found a suitable example as a guide then set about recreating it, again in Paint Shop Pro.

This was how it turned out. It does bug me that the circle is not absolutely round but am trying to learn to let go of perfectionism!

We still currently have the website online though it is embarrassingly out of date, you can find it here

If I have a good example image as a reference, I am pretty confident I can create most things in Paint Shop Pro. So if you need to recreate an image of something, maybe for your website or for some other project, please let me know in the comments.

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