Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My First Digital Painting

Some years back I came across some fabulous tutorials on how to make digital paintings in Paint Shop Pro. I don't think the tutorials are online anymore, which is a real pity as they were very detailed tutorials and the pictures you could make looked really impressive.

One of the pictures was of a mountain and looked really astounding, so I decided to give the tutorial a try. This was my result:

I remember that to make the reflection of the mountain you simply had to flip it. Then you created the effect of water by making a few horizontal lines. So simple yet so effective!

Ok so my effort wasn't a real masterpiece but when I look back at it I find it wasn't bad for a first try. I still enjoy making digital paintings, I find it very relaxing.  One of the benefits it has compared to real painting is if you make a mistake you can simply press the undo button!

I would like a challenge to make a digital painting of something or someone, so if you have any requests just send me an email.

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