Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Unique Agenda

A couple of years back I was looking for a new A5 agenda and I came across an advert for unique items made out of cowhide, such as handbags, purses, coasters and all sorts of accessories including agendas. They all looked gorgeous with different natural colours and markings, and beautifully decorated with studs, beads and tassels. This seemed like the perfect idea for my new agenda!

The woman who made them mentioned she was happy to make items to other people's own designs. So I looked at photos of different things she had made and noted specific details which I particularly liked on each, then worked out how they could be incorporated into my agenda design.

Coming up with ideas was one thing, but how could I clearly explain to her all the specifications so the end result was close to my original idea? This was made more difficult because I live in Holland and my dutch is far from perfect. So I decided I would have a go at creating an example in Paint Shop Pro. I also wanted a matching keyring to hang down the spine of the agenda so included that in my picture. I was pretty chuffed at how it turned out.

I think it's prudent to mention that this is not a photo of the agenda I received, but the image I made in Paint Shop Pro.

In the end the agenda turned out just a little differently; the lady had to make the studs bigger and fewer, the stars bigger and I opted for a snap closure rather than a band. Also obviously the pattern wasn't the same, but on the same lines. It certainly took a lot of work to make this image but at least I ended up with an agenda that is truly my own design.

I could imagine this - dare I say it - "talent" of mine might be of use to someone who has a design in mind of something but has trouble putting it down on paper. Let me know and I would be happy to help where I can.

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